Welcome to Patrick's Pals Foundation

Patrick’s Pals is a non-profit foundation started in 2008 to provide  children and young adults under the age of 26 with multiple disabilities equipment and therapies necessary for them to function on a daily basis.  Patrick's Pals was started by Jim & Kerry Conmy in honor of their son, Patrick, a 21-year-old boy who was born with many special needs which has left him unable to do many things for himself.  In raising and caring for Patrick, Jim and Kerry have realized how difficult it can be to provide a child with unique needs with costly necessities like specialized therapy and equipment.

In early 2008, close friends and family members approached Jim and Kerry with an idea to have a charity golf tournament benefiting their son, Patrick.  They were deeply touched by this gesture, and welcomed the idea of the golf event.  But instead of using the funds for Patrick, Jim and Kerry created Patrick’s Pals Foundation, where all of the proceeds are used to help special children like Patrick.

Jim & Kerry have made it the mission of Patrick’s Pals to give children with multiple disabilities an opportunity to flourish in their individualized way.  To date, Patrick’s Pals has enabled many children to take hippotherapy lessons and intensive walking programs.  Technology grants have been given to Matheny School, Peapack, NJ &  The Midland School, Branchburg, NJ to upgrade their augmentative devices and meet the needs of students with speech and language challenges.  Patrick’s Pals has also used its funds to purchase wheelchairs, bath chairs, bicycles and other specialized equipment and therapies for over 300 children! 

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